Building a more resilient California

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California's future depends on preserving our land and resources.

Resilience is California. Resilience lives here.

From the hills of Hollywood to the backs roads of tiny towns, our open spaces make California a beautiful and unique home to millions. We must commit to stewarding these lands or much of what Californians love will vanish.

California is leading the way in fighting climate change and becoming more climate resilient: 

  • Managing fine fuel loads to reduce emissions from catastrophic wildfires.
  • Leading the world in sustainable food production.
  • Protecting habitat for California’s threatened and endangered species.
  • & many more. 

Californians making a resilient California.

Stories of Californians working to make the Golden State's open spaces more resilient.

Diverse communities make California resilient.

Downtown LA

Wide Open Spaces. See how they make California resilient.

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Dig a little deeper.

Discover how we can make California more resilient from Lake Tahoe to San Diego.
Prescribing fire

Fire Resilient

How can California work to mitigate its wildfire crisis? Click here to learn about possible solutions.

Resilient Landspaces

Learn more about the stewards of almost 40 million acres in California and their efforts to preserve these lands.

Drought Resilient

Drought cycles are real in California. Learn how drought threatens our natural environments and local food supply.

What's being said about
California's open spaces.

Californians make California resilient.

You're Half Way There.

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