California ranchers
believe in California.
Resilience lives here.

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California ranchers are teachers, firefighters, nurses, truck drivers, proud union members, college professors, full-time parents, county supervisors, equipment operators and more.

We are Climate Warriors.
Get to know California’s resilient ranchers.
Listen to Stories from California Cattle Country here.

We believe California is worth fighting to preserve.

We believe in a more…
Fire resilient state.
Drought resilient state.
Climate resilient state.

We believe in a more resilient California built by resilient Californians.

Who are California's Resilient
Families. Innovators. Women. Leaders. Environmentalists.

Dig a little deeper.

Discover how ranchers can help make California more resilient.
Prescribing fire

Fire Resilient

California is working to mitigate its wildfire crisis. Click here to learn about solutions.

Resilient Landspaces

Learn about the stewards of almost 40 million acres in California.

Drought Resilient

Drought cycles are real in California. Hear firsthand the strain drought is having on our natural environments and local food supply.

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